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Step 1: Coming in from ground zero?

Congrats! We have all the guidance you need to breeze through onboarding ahead of schedule and start crushing quota ASAP.

Step 2: Create strong SDR:AE relationships

Learn directly from various top AEs what they expect from SDRs, and how you can create & nurture strong relationships from the very start.

Step 3: Learn how to effectively prospect

Develop the tools and skills that are necessary for effective prospecting. Copy & Paste the strategies that top performers are using at the world’s best sales organizations.

Step 4: Build momentum & crush your quota

Shortcut your path to success with video training + coaching from top SDRs & AEs who will share their secrets and teach you how to systematize your workflows for success. No stone is left unturned.

Step 5: Prepare for AE

Step-by-step instructions on when & how to start preparing for the next step in your career as an AE. Lay the groundwork early so the transition becomes seamless.

Step 6: Get promoted to AE

Discover the tactics top candidates are using to get promoted at the best tech companies & take advantage of 24/7 live access to top performers & interview coaches who will guide you every step of your interview journey.

Here’s How You’ll Become A Top SDR & Get Promoted To AE


Starting Your SDR Journey


Territory Planning Framework


Prospecting Foundations


Prospecting Tactics


Bonus Email Deep Dives


Cold Calling Masterclass


Focusing on What is Actually Important


SDR:AE Relationship


Planting the Seeds to Promote To AE


AE Interview Process Deep Dive/Recreation


Mindset: Staying Sane In Tech Sales

A Certificate That Will Make You Stand Out

Gain prestige & show the world you’re beyond qualified with a SDR Accelerator™ certificate of completion issued directly from top-performing sales reps.

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Eric Finch

Strategic Account Executive, 2X President’s Club, Global #1

Kris Hari

Ex-Sales Lead (0-$3M+) & Account Executive, Global #1

Ryan Crandall

Ex-Lead Account Executive, 10+ Years of Tech Sales Recruiting Experience

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We only win when you win, and we stand behind the fact that our methods & frameworks are battle-tested & proven.

That’s exactly why we offer a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you complete the training, put in the necessary work, and see no results, we will return your money within 14 days of your purchase.

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