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"Without Higher Levels, I wouldn't have received my first job as an SDR a little over a year ago. And now I wouldn't have received my new account executive job"

Meet Keegan, an individual brimming with determination and a desire for something more fulfilling. Trapped in the boring routines of a manufacturing engineering job in Iowa, Keegan felt the weight of long hours, limited rewards, and a future that seemed frustratingly static. He needed an escape, a chance to break free from the limitations of his environment and soar towards new horizons and opportunities.

And so, a transformative journey began with Tech Sales Ascension. The course simplified the fascinating world of tech sales to Keegan, translating his robust engineering knowledge into a language of sales, connection, and influence. He was no longer confined to the rigid structures of engineering; Eric’s guidance on live calls allowed him to navigate through consultative conversations, build powerful connections, and unravel technical complexities with ease and clarity.

Keegan felt equipped with practical tools and strategies—perfecting email communications, honing interview skills, and refining his professional presence. It was a profound learning experience, not just a preparatory phase. It was about cultivating versatility, embracing new challenges, and undergoing a professional metamorphosis.

Empowered and inspired, Keegan made a bold leap. He transitioned from the familiarity of Iowa to the vibrant landscapes of Denver, embracing a remote work lifestyle. Starting as an SDR with an $85k salary, his dedication and new-found skills propelled him forward to an Account Executive position, boasting a remarkable $125k salary in his second year.

Keegan’s story is a powerful testament to resilience, continuous growth, and the transformative magic of insightful mentorship. His journey from constraint to triumph is a vibrant inspiration, a story echoing the melodies of success and limitless possibilities. Congratulations, Keegan, for crafting a path of exceptional accomplishments and bright new beginnings.

Keegan Lass
Keegan Lass
$85,000 / Year SDR
$125,000 / Year Account Executive
6 Weeks
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