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"I went from blue-collar and manual labor with 24-36 hour shifts to now making over $170K at one of the biggest cloud companies because of their detailed training & guidance. The training is absolutely phenomenal."

Meet Mike, a true tech sales trailblazer. His journey is a testament to the fact that you don't always need a traditional background to excel in this industry. With a military background and a history of blue-collar jobs, Mike defied expectations and made it big.

Transitioning from military and blue-collar roles to the corporate tech world wasn't a smooth ride for Mike though. When he got out of the military and back into the civilian world, he was going back and forth between a couple of different jobs- polishing concrete floors at Macy's, selling cars at a Toyota dealership, washing trucks on 24-30 hour shifts in the public utility district, etc..

When he first heard about Tech Sales, it seemed like a distant reality. Mike's challenge initially was thoughts of self-doubt that he wouldn't be good enough or be able to make it since he had no technical experience or college degree. After taking a leap of faith and investing in coaching, we reworked his resume, taught him the fundamentals of the SDR world, and taught him to interview like a pro so he could put his best foot forward.

Needless to say he was extremely successful as he landed a $100K+ job within 14 days of starting Tech Sales Ascension. It was a significant shift, but he embraced change and tackled challenges head-on.

Starting as an SDR, Mike has stuck with us and invested in himself through SDR Accelerator as well. We got him laser-focused on how to execute on cold calls, penetrate cold enterprise accounts, and find the differentiating factors of top performers. Mike went on to become the #1 performer at his company and was promoted to become an account executive. Mike is now earning $170K+ annually.

Looking back, Mike's advice is clear: don't procrastinate or doubt yourself. Don't delay your entry into tech sales. It might feel intimidating, but the industry is open to newcomers. You can overcome the initial obstacles and fasten the journey with determination and being open to learning from others.

Mike's remarkable journey from an unconventional background to tech sales success illustrates that you don't need a traditional background to make it big; all you need is the drive to succeed. Congrats Mike, and we can't wait to see you absolutely crush it moving forward!

Mike Moore
Mike Moore
24 Hour+ Blue Collar Shifts
$170K / Year at market-leading cybersecurity company
4 weeks to break in at $100K+; 8 months to get promoted to AE at $170K+
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