"It's just a different way of thinking through things"

"You guys were more than willing to pitch in and provide some advice, which ultimately helped me secure this offer."

Meet Tyler, a finance professional caught in the cycle of exhaustive hours and limited upward mobility. Put simply, he was in a dead end accounting job. Tyler found himself at a crossroad, where the only conventional path forward to a higher salary and better lifestyle required a 2 year $100k+ MBA. However, this pathway, cluttered with uncertainty, extensive hours, and an intimidating investment of time and money, seemed misaligned with his aspirations for a balanced life and fulfilling career.

Contemplating an alternative route, Tyler decided to pivot his journey toward the realm of tech sales. A field where success didn't just mean substantial earnings comparable to an MBA in finance, but also a fully remote opportunity with better work life balance. 

Navigating the transition wasn’t a straightforward task for Tyler. Competing with seasoned sales professionals, armed with rich experience and an arsenal of sales strategies such as 30, 60, 90-day plans, Tyler felt like a total novice. His finance background had honed his skills in technical and macro analysis, but sales demanded a paradigm shift. Sales, a realm where personal connections and people skills reigned supreme, required Tyler to adapt and absorb a new arsenal of skills and strategies.

Our journey with Tyler was about rewriting the narratives of his professional experience. The course content and live calls allowed him to rapidly change his mentality, equipping him with the necessary sales acumen and tech sales specific interview skills. The personalized advice and hands-on guidance from our team acted as a compass, guiding Tyler through the intricacies of identifying the right companies, preparing for interviews, and positioning himself as the best candidate in the competitive landscape.

Tyler's determination and our collaborative efforts bore fruits when he secured an offer at MongoDB, one of the most prominent database companies in the world, marking the start of a new chapter for Tyler in tech sales. His trajectory is a beacon of inspiration, shedding light on the possibilities that lie in embracing change, leveraging guidance, and steering one's ship with determination and adaptability. He’s even gone on to be the Global #1 performer in his market segment and is now well on his way to making $200k+.

Congratulations Tyler! Your journey shows how possible this is for so many people that are frustrated with a stable and comfortable, yet limited career. We are thrilled to witness your remarkable ascent in tech sales, and eagerly await the incredible chapters you are yet to unveil.

Tyler Croce
Tyler Croce
Dead End Accounting Job
$150k+ in year 1
5 Weeks
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