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"I’ve taken many other online courses where I didn’t get the help I needed to break in & level up my career. Higher Levels blows them all away—in price, design, instructors, coaching, content, and everything else. Thank you guys for creating this!"

Before Ben joined Ascension, he took CourseCareers, but it left him wanting more. Ben wanted a course that didn't solely focus on earning a certificate. He yearned for a supportive community and guidance from experienced mentors. He needed a place where he could discuss his personal challenges during the interview process and receive constructive feedback to overcome them.

When Ben initially joined Ascension, we filled in the gap and provided him with a framework that provided support & practical instructions at every single layer of the interview process. He started believing himself more and found significant success in a very short timespan. Our plan of attack involved around:

  1. Resume Optimization: One of the first areas we addressed with Ben was in optimizing his resume. We provided feedback and best practices on how to create a resume that would catch the attention of top employers.
  2. LinkedIn Enhancement: We ensured his LinkedIn presence was on par, if not better, than his Resume. A well-crafted LinkedIn presence is crucial in the tech sales industry, and we ensured Ben had the tools to stand out.
  3. Weekly Live Coaching: Ben mentioned "The weekly live coaching sessions were a game-changer." These sessions provided a platform for him to openly discuss his challenges during the interview process. Whether it was handling difficult questions or improving his interview techniques, we provided personalized coaching to address his specific needs.
  4. Collaborative Environment: Ben was an incredible student in the sense that he collaborated with fellow students who were either going through the course or had successfully completed it. Learning from their strategies on securing interviews and landing jobs was instrumental in his success.
  5. Direct Line of Communication: We provided Ben a direct line of communication to us and wanted to be there for him in his corner whenever he needed us.

Within just 4-5 weeks, he received multiple job offers from market-leading companies and accepted a position as an SDR at Outreach, with a starting OTE of $75,000. This transition marked a significant milestone for Ben, as he moved from his previous job as a vehicle operator and former Lyft driver into the tech sales industry.

UPDATE: As an update to Ben's journey, he has already gone on to become the #1 performer at Outreach. We're proud to be part of your journey to greatness, Ben, and we can't wait to see what you achieve next!

Benjamin Michaelis
Benjamin Michaelis
Vehicle Technician making $55,000 / year w/ limited upside
$75,000 / Year at market-leading revenue intelligence company
4 Weeks
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