“I never thought I would be able to break in.”

"I never in a million years thought I was gonna be able to break into tech, and I had no clue how to navigate the interview process. With Higher Levels' help, I ended up getting several awesome offers, and they helped me every single step throughout the process."

Elleyt had a lot of limiting beliefs about going into tech. She thought because she had no prior experience or no technical background, she'd be unable to break in and be successful in tech sales. Well, little did she know she was about to become one of our most accomplished students yet. Not only did she absolutely crush the interview process, she beat out 1,200 other candidates who was going for the same seat within just two weeks of signing up for Ascension.

We worked with Elleyt to ensure she reshaped her mindset into one that actually believed it was possible. From there, we went outward on the fundamentals of being an SDR. We taught her everything there is to know about day-to-day responsibilities, how to cold call effectively, how to craft a compelling email that generates responses & interest, and how to think through the lens of a top-performing SDR.

Within just a week, she had mastered the art of outreach and had several hiring managers on the hook for interviews. While we could continue speaking on the different elements that made her journey so successful, the biggest differentiating factor is she hit the ground running fast and learned to identify very early on that rejections are part of the journey.

Since starting, Elleyt has already become a top-performing individual contributor at 6sense, and has her eyes set on continuing to level up her tech sales career. We're proud of you Elleyt!

Elleyt Belote
Elleyt Belote
$45,000 / Year
$90,000 / Year
2 Weeks
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