"They help you every single step of the way."

"Ascension not only taught me the industry and its intricacies, but set me up for success at every single stage of the process. I ultimately ended up with several offers and they helped me make the best decision."

Miguel had been trying to break into tech sales for some time, but he felt like he was hitting a wall. He spent a whole month applying for various positions, only to receive radio silence in return. Miguel knew he possessed the necessary sales skills, but something just wasn't clicking. That's when he stumbled upon the Tech Sales Ascension, and it completely changed the game for him.

Before diving into the program, Miguel's background was in the home remodeling industry. He had spent nearly a decade honing his sales skills in that field. In his previous role, he was responsible for handling the entire sales cycle, from the initial client contact to presenting designs and successfully closing deals. The job was demanding, requiring extensive commuting and numerous face-to-face client interactions.

Miguel was seeking a change, and tech sales seemed like the perfect fit. He was drawn to the prospect of remote work, which would eliminate his daily commute and provide more time to focus on sales. Moreover, the potential for growth and innovation in the tech industry was highly appealing. Yet, breaking into tech sales turned out to be more challenging than he had initially thought.

So he decided to take a leap of faith and join Tech Sales Ascension. Within just two weeks of actively applying the program's strategies, Miguel began receiving interview invitations. He was no longer lost in the sea of applicants and had newfound confidence in his ability to secure interviews.

However, we didn't stop at securing interviews. We prepared Miguel for every stage of the interview process, helping him navigate the sometimes daunting world of tech sales interviews. He even used the program's advice to take the initiative and follow up with an employer who had gone silent, ultimately securing an interview opportunity.

At the end of it all, Miguel found himself in the enviable position of having multiple offers on the table. It was a tempting situation, with one of the offers boasting a higher total compensation package. Ultimately, Miguel made a well-calculated decision and chose to join ZoomInfo, a market-leading revenue intelligence company, over a startup with higher compensation. The stability, training, and industry reputation at ZoomInfo were the factors we took into consideration to set him up for future success.

Miguel advises anyone looking to break into tech sales to be persistent, resilient, and open to learning. Seek guidance from mentors who understand the industry and its intricacies, and be disciplined in your approach. If Miguel could do it, so can you. Tech sales is not just hype; it's a reality waiting for those who are willing to put in the effort and seize the opportunities.

Congrats Miguel, it's been a pleasure working with you and we are excited to see what comes next in your career!

Miguel Perdomo
Miguel Perdomo
Low-upside fully on-site job requiring 3-4 hour commute
$75K / Year remote job at market-leading company
2 weeks
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