“An awesome community that kept me motivated & accountable”

"I had previous sales experience going into the program, but I learned a ton of new things I would never have figured out if it wasn't for Higher Levels. The community was also extremely valuable to me- seeing everyone's messages and learning from others going through the process helped keep me accountable and motivated every single step of the way."

Chris, who had previous sales experience but was looking to make a shift into tech, knew he had to find an alternative way to approach this new vertical. When he decided to relocate and aim for a remote-first role, he found himself facing significant challenges. His extensive experience in sales, nearly nine years with his previous company, didn't fully prepare him for the process of breaking into the tech sales industry.

The task of identifying the right companies, reaching out to the right people within these organizations, and distinguishing between quality employers was quite daunting, especially given the competitive nature of the job market.

We worked with Chris to not only align his toolset to tech specifically, but to prepare him for the different nuances of the interview process in tech. But perhaps the most significant takeaway for Chris was "the sense of belonging to a community." Job hunting, particularly for remote positions or a transition to a new industry, can often feel like sending applications into a void. However, being part of the Tech Sales Ascension group changed that dynamic for him. Chris quotes " The group environment allowed me to engage with fellow members, learn from their experiences, and seek feedback. Weekly calls with mentors Eric and Kris provided opportunities for group discussions and Q&A sessions, ensuring that everyone's questions and concerns received attention."

For Chris, the value of the program extended beyond the course material itself. It was the support, mentorship, and camaraderie within the group that truly made the difference in his career transition. And we are lucky to have him continuously be part of the family today.

Congrats Chris - we're happy to see you break into the vertical you ultimately deserved and desired to be in. Can't wait to see what's next in your journey!

Chris Brooks
Chris Brooks
Versa Networks
Non-tech sales role w/ no upside
$90K / Year
5 weeks
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