"The way you teach everything made me feel very confident"

"I gave myself a $50,000 raise from my Amazon job"

Meet Ezron Parris, a resilient individual who faced the harsh blows of financial instability. Ezron started his journey as an Amazon driver, earning $40k a year, and later delved into a role as a 1099 contractor for a pharmacy. He even navigated through the notary business, hoping for a turnaround in his financial well being, but 2022 proved to be a year of financial drought for him.

In the midst of these challenges, Ezron came across Tech Sales Ascension. It wasn’t his first encounter with the world of tech sales, but this time, something clicked. With a determined spirit, Ezron embarked on his journey with Tech Sales Ascension in late March. Within just two weeks, Ezron felt a surge of confidence and readiness, enabling him to step out into the job market with a newfound approach.

Under the guidance of Tech Sales Ascension, Ezron began to see his past experiences not as setbacks, but as rich stories that could fuel his ascent in the tech sales arena. The community, spearheaded by dedicated guides like Eric, became a constant source of encouragement and refinement, helping him morph his varied experiences into potent narratives resonating with potential employers.

Ezron’s journey was a testament to the transformative power of determination coupled with strategic guidance. The Tech Sales Ascension family became his pillar, offering him essential insights, cultivating his skills, and fostering a sense of community that motivated Ezron to reach for the stars.

Today, Ezron Parris stands as a symbol of perseverance and triumph over adversity. His journey from facing the toughest financial year to emerging as a confident contender in the tech sales domain is not just a story of success. It is about reclaiming one’s narrative, leveraging past experiences, and stepping into a realm of endless possibilities with the invaluable support of a nurturing community. Cheers to Ezron and his inspiring voyage through Tech Sales Ascension!

Ezron Parris
Ezron Parris
$40,000/Year Amazon Driver
$90,000/Year SDR
8 weeks
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