"I knew I would be successful because the instructors are"

"I didn't see myself in a lab for 7-8 years. It just didn't interest me."

Meet Michael Amit, an individual with a diverse background and a degree in Neuroscience from Cal. After trying various paths like innovative side hustles and User Experience research, finding a fulfilling career seemed challenging.

Enter Tech Sales Ascension. This program provided a structured approach that helped clarify Michael’s path. Despite uncertainties due to a two-year gap without formal corporate experience, Tech Sales Ascension allowed Michael to view his unique experiences as advantages during interviews.

Michael learned to leverage his background effectively, resulting in seven interviews from just seventeen applications, despite competing against candidates with more experience.

In the end, Michael had to make a choice. He decided to prioritize a role that aligned more with his passion and values, turning down another offer with a higher salary to work at a prominent tech company.

Michael’s journey is a story of resilience and making strategic decisions in the pursuit of a career that matches one's passion and skills. Congratulations to Michael for finding his path in the world of tech sales!

Michael Amit
Michael Amit
College Grad
$70k/Year Salary
6 Weeks
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