"What I made was good, but what I could make now is totally different"

"I've always been a high performer at everything I've done. My engineering job was safe; almost too safe. I could do it forever, but I wouldn't have taken any risk."

Meet Darren Lawrence, a former Air Force member who initially dipped his toes into the tech world as a DevOps engineer, leveraging his military experience as a network administrator. Even though his position was comfortable, Darren realized the limited growth opportunities it offered. Encouraged by his father, a successful sales professional, and motivated by the idea of engaging in a friendly competition with him, Darren decided to take a calculated risk to venture into the realm of tech sales for its promising long-term earning potential.

Enter Tech Sales Ascension, a pivotal chapter in Darren's journey. His story quickly changed as he landed a role at Elastic, one of the most prestigious tech companies known for educating and growing their sales professionals. With a solid foundation, tremendous support, and an invaluable repository of experiences, Darren didn’t just secure a position; he unlocked a gateway to immense possibilities and substantial earning, boasting over $90k in his initial role as an SDR.

With a blend of military discipline, technical expertise, and an adventurous spirit fueled by healthy familial competition, Darren’s transition to sales seemed not just a choice but a well-thought-out strategy. His journey wasn’t merely about securing a job but rather embracing a role that resonated with his ambitions and aspirations. The road was filled with decisions, risks, and transitions, but for Darren, the voyage was worth it, and it led him to a realm of no regrets and continuous growth. Cheers to Darren's triumphant entry into the tech sales arena!

Darren Lawrence
Darren Lawrence
Boring Engineering Job
8 Weeks
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