"Tech Sales Ascension really goes over stuff that other courses don't"

"I ended up getting multiple offers"

Meet Bowen, a guy on the brink of finishing college with an engineering degree in his pocket. But here’s the twist - engineering wasn’t where his heart was. Amidst the uncertainty, he discovered tech sales, a place where he felt the real action, recognition and compensation were.

Enter Tech Sales Ascension. With their help, Bowen started turning his engineering stories into compelling tales of tech sales potential. It wasn’t a walk in the park, translating those technical experiences into sales lingo. But with guidance, perseverance, and a hefty dose of community support, Bowen got the hang of it, making his way into conversations and opportunities in tech sales.

Eric and the Tech Sales Ascension community were Bowen’s go-to crew. They helped him get savvy about the SDR role, even before he stepped into it. He learned not just how to get a job but how to pick a company that would value his contributions and give him room to grow and shine.

All that hard work and support paid off. Bowen landed not just a job, but a pretty sweet one, stepping into a role as an Enterprise SDR with a cool $90k salary to start. Fast forward a bit, and now he’s rocking it as an Account Executive, pulling in over $140k. And the best part? He’s still part of the Tech Sales Ascension family, still sharing, learning, and climbing higher.

Bowen’s journey is more than just a success story. It's about finding your path, making smart moves, and having a bunch of great people in your corner cheering you on. Cheers to Bowen and his awesome adventure in tech sales!

Bowen Fei
Bowen Fei
College Grad
$90k Enterprise SDR
3 weeks
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