"I can't speak enough about how amazing the community is"

"Take advantage of everything they give you in the course. I'm a living testimony; something will come out of it."

Meet Briana - an accounting major who 180'd into tech sales. Her academic focus on numbers and ledgers took a backseat when she stumbled upon a video by Anthony O'Neal, introducing her to tech sales as a career.

Initially, Briana began her journey with Course Careers, hoping it would pave the way to her ambitions. However, she felt something was missing, and that's when she found Tech Sales Ascension. We were delighted to work with Briana and made a strong point to equip her with a comprehensive set of tools, strategies, and a supportive community, empowering her and ensuring she was well-prepared to conquer the interviewing process.

She was diligent and took it upon herself to begin networking with SDRs at prestigious companies. This approach, coupled with the robust support from Tech Sales Ascension, opened a lot of doors for Briana.

Soon, interview invitations poured in from industry leaders such as Salesforce, MongoDB, Rubrik, and more, marking significant milestones in her remarkable journey. Each interaction brought her one step closer to her dreams, with each experience teaching her how to optimize and become even better in the interviewing rounds.

Briana's story is a testament to the power of aspiration, making the right decisions, and the invaluable support of a community that understands your goals and guides you toward them. She transitioned from the world of accounting to navigate the exciting horizons of tech sales

Here's to Briana Nono's remarkable journey and the extraordinary chapters awaiting her in her tech sales odyssey!

Briana Nono
Briana Nono
Accounting Student
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